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BEAUTIFUL BROWS CAN BE YOURS! Not all brows are created equal; each present different challenges that can be maddening when dealing with them on the daily. Whether you are looking for a subtle enhancement or need a total brow makeover, Karin can help! A brow expert for nearly 20 years, Karin has seen it all and her experience, technique and talent will deliver you from your daily brow struggles.

Eyebrows are much more than an accessory. They are essential for creating expressions, invoke feelings of wisdom, thought and frame our eyes, “the windows to the soul.” Plus, a fuller brow will rejuvenate a face and even take years off any appearance!

All procedures are performed in a medical office and powerful numbing medicine is used throughout, keeping your comfort and safety the top priority at all times.


Eyebrows are magic! Check out this transformation created with a combination of hair strokes and mic

Nano Hair Strokes with Machine

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Eyebrows are a very personal matter. Tastes range from barely there to “What was she thinking!”, and everything in between. When choosing a shape and technique for permanent eyebrows, it is best to stick with a classic look that you will be happy to wake up to everyday. Your goals, lifestyle, skin type and personal style will determine the best approach for your dream brows. There are 2 basic techniques to consider: Powderfill and Microblading. Often, a combination of the 2 result in the happiest clients. 


Join Karin & Brittany in their Powderfill Brow session.


Digital Microblading offers the most realistic results!  Great for Men & Women!

permanent makeup techniques

Powderfill Brow

Microbladed Brow

Microbladed Brow

powderfill permanent eyebrow makeup

  • Best for those with hair 
  • Best for those with old permanent eyebrow makeup
  • Good on most skin
  • Lasts for years
  • Looks like eyebrow makeup

A classic, the powderfill brow is most like a traditional tattoo, the brow is enhanced by adding a shadow of color behind the existing hair to create a sculpted, more defined shape. Powderfill is good on nearly every skin type and results can last years. 

Most clients have the color refreshed every 2-3 years. All procedures require 2 visits, spaced about 6 weeks apart. Allow 1 week for healing. 

Initial Procedure: 375.00

Annual Color Boost: $150

Microbladed Brow

Microbladed Brow

Microbladed Brow

microbladed permanent eyebrow makeup


Digital Microblading! 

  • Most natural look
  • Looks like hair
  • Lasts for years
  • Great on most skin 
  • Less pain
  • For Women & Men

This advanced technique is a game changer for those that are looking for hyperrealistic results with staying power. Using a sleek, lightweight state-of-the-art machine, a tiny needle and expert precision, hair strokes are seamlessly intermingled with your brow to give you the brow of your dreams.

All procedures require 2 visits, spaced about 6 weeks apart. Allow 1 week for healing.


Initial Procedure: $400.00 

Annual Color Boost: $150

(Special pricing available for very small areas)